Our Services


Metage Scientific provides tailored analysis solutions to industry through spectroscopic instruments, analytical methods and software development.

The solutions are developed by a number of senior experts in Europe, the United States and Asia and we are committed to first class development and manufacture of custom solutions for different application requirements. We provide tailored technology with user-friendly software, which is combined with world-class application development, providing you with the solution you need.

Solutions can be provided that are branded under our name or alternatively can be exclusively branded under the name of our client.

Our capabilities include:

  • Mechanical engineering, including full parametric 3D CAD
  • Optical design, including sequential and non-sequential ray tracing.
  • Algorithm development
  • Software development
  • Electronic hardware development
  • Applications development
  • Production
  • After-sales support

Spectroscopic tools:

  • are non-destructive and don’t require contact with the sample.
  • provide rapid and accurate identification and quantification.
  • are capable of analyzing multiple parameters from a single measurement.
  • can measure samples directly in almost any form, including gases, liquids, pastes, powders, pellets, tablets, capsules, films, etc
  • are low cost per analysis.
  • allow analysis with little or no sample preparation.
  • allow analysis to be performed if the sample is in a transparent container or blister-packaging.
  • have the ability to monitor both chemical and physical aspects of the matrix
  • support high-throughput screening efforts.
  • are very versatile and can be adapted to most manufacturing/monitoring situations and locations.
  • don’t require the use of solvents so chemicals do not need to be bought and disposed of.
  • require limited maintenance.