Detecting Counterfeit drugs in China


Working with MTG Technology Co Ltd in China we have recently provided a solution for the rapid detection of counterfeit drugs.

The solution utilises the new OPAL Series portable Raman spectrometer, which has been tailored to allow the analysis of a large number of samples in the shortest possible time while retaining research-grade laboratory performance.

The OPAL Series portable Raman spectrometer can analyse the main API’s and excipients in a range of concentrations and can rapidly compare the spectra with reference spectra giving a fingerprint comparison. Using these techniques counterfeit materials can be identified as being different than the branded or generic product, even if the nature of the difference is not known.

The OPAL series is simple to operate, easy to carry and is supplied with a special probe and sample holder designed specifically for the rapid analysis of samples. It comes coupled with custom algorithms and software providing an end to end solution.

The OPAL series Raman spectrometer can also be equipped with multi-band laser connected microscope configuration.


OPAL 3000