Example solutions

Metage Scientific provides tailored analysis solutions to industry through spectroscopic instruments, analytical methods and software development. Solutions can be provided that are branded under our name or alternatively solutions can be developed under strict confidentiality and can then be exclusively branded under the name of our client.

Opal 3000 Raman Spectrometer

OPAL3000 with microscope

Globalisation of the pharmaceutical industry has increased the danger that counterfeit drug products are contaminating the health-care supply chain. Counterfeit drug products include those containing potentially harmful substances, those absent of any API, and also those containing diluted, ineffective amounts of API. Working with MTG Technology Co Ltd in China we have recently provided a solution for the rapid detection of these counterfeit drugs addressnig a critical need to protect the health and safety of consumers.

The OPAL Series portable Raman spectrometer can analyse the main API’s and excipients in a range of concentrations and can rapidly compare the spectra with reference spectra giving a fingerprint comparison. Using these techniques counterfeit materials can be identified as being different than the branded or generic product, even if the nature of the difference is not known.

By coupling this with custom software that has a rapid learning curve, uses step-by-step methods thus freeing the user from having to interpret spectra or complex chemometric models, Metage has produced an end-to-end solution.

The OPAL series Raman spectrometer can also be equipped with a microscope.

Raman universal sample platform

Raman sample platform

The Raman sample platform was developed to allow samples to be analysed accurately regardless of the size of the container which they are in.

It features a unique mechanical design, is portable and provides a completely dark environment for sampling.

Compact Raman sample holder

Small Raman sample holder

The Compact sample holder was developed to allow Raman analysis where bench space is at a premium.

Simple to use the compact Raman sample holder blocks the ambient light and allows a variety of vial sizes to be used while the probe focus can be adjusted using a simple thumbscrew.

QuasIR 2000 Spectrometer

QuasIR 2000 spectrometer

The QuasIR 2000 is an extremely rugged spectro–
meter developed for field use in rural locations for agricultural applications..

It is supplied in it's own waterproof and shock resistant flight case allowing quick deployment to field testing stations.

It is supplied with custom software that has been designed to be easy to use allowing technicians to produce reliable test results even in very rural environments.

Spectral identification algorithm

Advanced ID algorithm example

The screen capture above is of a custom advanced identification algorithm. It is shown correctly identifying the presence of low ppm levels of carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, and sulphur dioxide in the presence of high concentrations of water vapor. In the example above the algorithm is being used for environmental gas analysis, but it has also been used for other applications.