Introduction to Metage

Metage Scientific provides analysis solutions to industry based on spectroscopic instrumentation and methods. We specialise in supplying instrumentation and software that has been customized or designed to meet specific requirements, along with associated applications method development and post-sales support that ensures the success of our clients and customers.

Our team consists of a group of senior experts in Europe, The United States, and Asia, with many decades of collective experience in spectroscopic instrumentation, chemometrics and applications.

Off the shelf laboratory instruments are often not well suited to tasks that require frequent relocation of the instrument or field deployment. They are typically too large and heavy, and are not sufficiently robust. They are also usually supplied with general purpose software and algorithms that are not optimal for a specific task, and are difficult for personnel to use without extensive training. At Metage Scientific we place an emphasis on modifying or building instrumentation to satisfy these types of needs. Our engineering team can develop hardware, algorithms, and software, and our applications group can help develop analytical methods and protocols.



OPAL 3000

Working with MTG Technology Co Ltd in China we have recently provided a solution for the rapid detection of counterfeit drugs.

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